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8 months 1 week ago #8153 by admin
admin replied the topic: JW Player Plugin Advanced
Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 3.12.0 :

^ Upgrade to JW Player 7.12.3.

Designed with publishers of education and sports media in mind, JW Player 7.12.0 introduces a new configuration option to enable playback rate controls.
When enabled, a tooltip menu in the control bar gives viewers the ability to control the playback speed of the video.
Publishers can choose to show our pre-set rates or to configure custom values between 0.25x and 4x.
Developers can also use the new API getter, setter and event listener to control the playbackRate.
This release also includes native caption and subtitle support for casting.

+ Improvements

Added the playbackRateControls configuration option to enable the playback rate menu in the controlbar. This allows viewers to control the videos playback speed. Publishers may use default or custom speed values. When playing HLS streams on Android Chrome or using Flash, the menu will be hidden due to unsupported functionality.
Added setPlaybackRate and getPlaybackRate API methods and a playbackRateChanged event listener.Note that this is not supported in Flash or Android Chrome with HLS streams.
Added support for embedded and sideloaded VTT tracks in the default Chromecast receiver. Captions style configuration options are also applied to the receiver.
VTT tracks must be loaded from the same domain as the media.
Set the video elements title attribute so that the media title displays on iOS and Android lock screens during playback.
Updated 403 error copy to You do not have permission to access this content.
Expose the PROGRAM-DATE-TIME from HLS manifests in the meta event.
Improved manual quality switching in DASH streams so that when a viewer chooses a higher quality, the switch happens immediately. If the viewer chooses a lower quality, the existing buffer is played, then the quality switch occurs.
Added a new API method, setConfig, to set multiple properties at once. The following properties are supported: repeat, autostart, mute, and volume.
Added HLSjs debug output to the player’s debug logs. This is automatically enabled when jwplayer.debug to true.
Added the viewable event, making it easier to control the user experience based on the player’s visibility. Previously, developers had to rely on the viewable property in other events (eg. time, play) to know when the players is above the fold in the active tab.
Expanded HLS.js usage to Edge. This significantly improves the viewing experience over the native playback of HLS streams. Users can expect to see a reduction in artifacts, better captions display, and support for captions styling.
Improved the user experience of the sharing overlay. It s now less intrusive at larger player sizes, allowing playback to continue while the viewer makes a selection from the newly redesigned sharing menu.
Added support for multi-track captions in DASH streams, allowing viewers to select any of the captions tracks specified in a DASH manifest.
Added support for custom license request filters with DASH streams using Widevine or PlayReady.
Shaka provider has been updated to version 2.1.4.

+ Advertising Updates

Updated the adError event to note not just the original tag supplied to the player, but all tags in a wrapped ad chain including the creative that errored
Updated the handling of the creativeTimeout config option to address all mediafiles, not just VPAIDs
Improved mapping of FreeWheel AdManager events to JW Player events
Added a configuration option to allow a publisher to supply their own FreeWheel AdManager URL
Added clickThroughURL parameter to the adImpression event for the VAST plugin for parity with the IMA plugin.
Added config option custParams to the adBreak block for the VAST plugin for parity with the IMA plugin.
For the VAST plugin, updated the onadSchedule event to display all schedules, not just schedules within a VMAP.
Updated the VAST plugin’s ad event order to be consistent with the IMA plugin and more representative of the VAST/VPAID specs.
Added support for the SpotX ad_mute 1 URL parameter with the IMA plugin.
Added support for VAST macros including [CACHEBUSTING], [ASSETURI], and [TIMESTAMP]
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5 months 3 weeks ago #8157 by admin
admin replied the topic: JW Player Plugin Advanced
Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 4.0.0 :

^ Upgrade to JW Player 8.0.0.

Introducing JW8

JW Player 8 is our fastest and easiest-to-use player to date.
This major release debuts a completely redesigned, mobile-optimized user interface that can easily be customized to brand your player.
JW8 features smart content preloading and a smaller embed script, so viewers never see a buffer wheel and experience faster page loads.
To continue to offer publishers industry-leading support, we now officially support Facebook Webview and VAST 4, and have deprecated Flash.

General Changes

Updated the default player size to 640px wide x 360px high.
Upgraded hls.js to version 0.8.4, which enhances the stability of HLS playback in the player and improves HLS stream support.
Changed the default provider for HLS content on Chrome for Android from HLSjs to HTML5.
The player will now show a center display icon when the player pauses itself due to a failed attempt to play the video, providing more visual indication to the viewer that they need to manually hit play again. This is especially helpful in response to Safari 11, where autoplaying videos with sound are automatically paused on playback unless the user has changed the default browser setting.
Added the Cardboard mode icon to the idle state, so that when available, viewers can enter 360 mode before starting the video.
Added the ability to instantiate a player and immediately begin playback from a click on an element. By calling setup() followed by play(), the user interaction on the element is propagated all the way through to the instantiated player, eliminating the need to interact with the player to start playing media after it’s setup.
Bundled the most frequently used combinations of player assets (controls, media providers, and browser polyfills) so that all the Javascript needed to begin playback can be provided in fewer responses.
Improved handling of player asset loading so that users get feedback more quickly when a plugin, component, or non-essential asset fails to load. In the case of non-fatal errors, the player will attempt to recover gracefully. If a required component fails to load, the player will fail to setup and the user will be notified within 20 seconds.
Separated the core player to make our embed script significantly smaller, shaving off more than 100kb that no longer needs to be loaded and parsed before the player is set up.
Updated the preload behavior so only the first player on the page or viewable players preload when preload is set to anything other than none.
Improved the preload: metadata setting so that the player loads the manifest and buffers a maximum of one segment of media for HLS and Dash streams. MP4 streams load metadata only.
Improved preload: auto so that the player loads the manifest and buffers approximately 30 seconds of media. MP4 streams load based on browser behavior when the preload: auto attribute is set.
Updated the default preload configuration to do preload: metadata when preload is not set.


JW8 does not support JW7 license keys. JW Platform-hosted JW8 players will automatically have JW8 keys. For self-hosted players: Your JW7 license key will still work with your JW7 player embeds, but it will not work with JW8. Every account will provide both JW8 and JW7 versions of the license key.
HLS, DASH, 360, and casting are now all supported in all editions of the player, including the Free edition.
The recommendations plugin is no longer supported in the Premium edition.
YouTube and RTMP formats are no longer supported in the player.
Removed the Flash provider from the open-source jwplayer project. Flash is no longer supported in JW Player and is only used to play HLS streams in IE11 on Windows 7.

API Updates

Added a getEnvironment() API method, which provides an object containing all browser and operating system information decomposed from the user agent.
Deprecated the primary configuration option. Flash can no longer be defined as a primary provider. The player will choose the appropriate provider based on the environment it's in and the media type.
Deprecated all jwplayer().onEventName events, Browser/OS util methods and player constants that follow the pattern JWPLAYER_*.
Deprecated the ability to toggle the state simply by calling play() or pause(). This change makes play and pause behavior more predictable in the API. Going forward, calling play() while media is playing does nothing, as does calling pause() when the player is already paused.
Changed the configuration options and API for using playback rate controls. In JW8, playbackRateControls is a boolean that toggles the visibility of playback rates in the global menu. playbackRates, a new optional config property, accepts an array of numbers which overrides the default playback rate options of 0.5, 1, 1.25, 1.5, and 2. This improves upon the first iteration of the feature, released in 7.12, where playbackRateControls controlled both the menu’s visibility and custom playback rates. This change is backward compatible and will not affect JW7 players upgraded to JW8.
Created a backward compatibility script so that custom code written against deprecated API functionality will continue to work when a JW7 player is updated to JW8.

User Interface Improvements

The control bar now uses flexbox, which simplifies the DOM structure and css. Icons are no longer grouped in left, center, and right divs.
Consolidated all control bar icons that had their own menus into a single settings menu, accessible via the gear icon in the control bar. This includes quality, audio tracks, captions and playback rate controls. Captions still has a dedicated icon in the control bar for accessibility reasons. The sharing menu has also been added to the settings menu. Like captions, sharing has a dedicated control bar icon that opens the settings menu to the sharing sub-menu.
Removed webfont-based icons and replaced them with inline SVGs. The following icons have been redesigned for JW8: live, quality, buffer, error, and rewind 10 seconds.
Changed all dock icons from being positioned in the upper-right corner to the control bar. The addButton API now adds buttons to the control bar. These buttons will be added to the right of the logo if the logo is present in the control bar.
Improved the timeslider behavior so there’s a visual indication when a user hovers or scrubs to a new playback position. We’ve also increased the touch target to make it easier to engage with the timeslider on touch devices.
Leveraged the timeslider as a progress indicator during ad playback by making it visible and positioning it below the control bar icons.


Added 11 new skin customization options in JW8. If supplied, the three customization options that were available in JW7 (skin.background, skin.inactive, will map to the new options in JW8. Note that there’s no mapping to the new skin.timeslider.rail option.
Deprecated all JW7 skins. JW8 debuts our all-new default skin featuring a transparent control bar, tooltips, and a modern interface, which carry over to ads and audio only modes.


Added tooltips that appear on hover or focus over any icon in the settings menu, which increases clarity for viewers.
Improved support for keyboard navigation in JW8. Users can tab to advance through buttons and menu options in the player, and use the enter key in lieu of a click to take action on any focused item. The escape key can be used to close overlays and menus.


Added a new logo position option, “control-bar”, which places the logo in the control bar with an optional clickthrough link. Note: currently, all logos in the control bar render in a square container. A future release will support rectangular logos.
Deprecated the timeSliderAbove configuration option since it will be the only layout in JW8.
Updated the default logo margins to be 20px from the sides of the player.
Added maximum dimensions for logos. The height or width of a logo will not exceed 15% of the player’s height or width. The player will dynamically resize logos to fit within the height and width constraints so as to not obstruct the video.

Advertising Updates

Included the Skip button in the vpaidcontrols configuration’s functionality for the VAST plugin.
Included the duration present in the VAST XML on the adImpression event.
JW8 dropped support for VAST 1 as it has been deprecated by the IAB and has extremely low usage and a high risk of causing ad errors.
Added MediaFile compliance metadata from VAST4 tags to Vast plugin API events, including the reason the tag was not compliant.
Updated our Vast plugin to support playback of VAST 4 ad tags.
The following VAST 4 metadata has been added to Ads API events: UniversalAdID, Categories, ConditionalAd, as well as compliance with IAB guidelines on MediaFile setup.
Added support for m3u8 MediaFiles in ad tags in our Vast plugin.

^ Upgrade to JW Player 7.12.9.

+ Advertising Updates JW 7

Added support for Skippable Ads on iOS, with the caveat that ads cannot be displayed in the device's native fullscreen.
Viewers encountering an ad in fullscreen will be forced out and will have to manually re-enter fullscreen.
Note: there is a known issue with this functionality with IMA in Facebook webview that the IMA team has identified and is aiming to patch in an upcoming release.

+ Add Joomla! Update System support, new edition upgrade of the Joomla extension will be now announce in the backend, the upgrade process still require to login and download on

^ Used folderlist xml list selection for JWPlayer version in backend, since folderlist Joomla issue has been resolved.
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4 months 3 days ago #8171 by admin
admin replied the topic: JW Player Plugin Advanced
Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 4.0.1 :

^ Upgrade to JW Player 8.0.10.

Core Player

Improved the design and interaction of the discovery and playlist overlay in small players, making it our most accessible overlay yet.The overlay now supports swipe interactions and keyboard shortcuts, making it easy to navigate between items. You can page through the list of items either by swiping left or right on touch devices or using the keyboard’s left or right arrows. The overlay can be closed using the escape key. Finally, you can tab through all the elements in the overlay and interact with them using the enter key.
Improved the user experience with new Discover and Playlist headings, which provide context for the discover and playlist overlays. The headings and the tooltips for the overlay’s icon in the control bar can be customized in a setup block with localization.related and localization.playlist.
Improved the autoplay experience on mobile by showing controls when playback starts. Previously, viewers could not control the video until they unmuted the video by tapping an icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Now, the mute icon will still appear in the corner when controls fade away, but tapping on the screen brings up the controls immediately.
Added a callback, onXhrOpen, which can be used to set custom XHR headers in HLSjs for AES-protected HLS streams. The callback gets executed after an XMLHTTPRequest is initialized and before the request is sent. withCredentials is unaffected by this change. If configured, it gets set before onXhrOpen is called. Refer to our configuration reference for implementation details.
Expanded HLSjs usage to Android Chrome, where it is now the default for HLS playback. This makes the HLS experience more feature rich and includes support for 608 and in-manifest VTT captions, as well as improved playback stability and support. HLS.js usage can be disabled by setting hlsjsdefault to false, which will result in the player using native Android HLS playback.
Improved our Discover recommendations engine by reducing the likelihood of a viewer seeing a repeat of videos they’ve already seen either by choice or via auto-advance. Items that are manually clicked will not be recommended again for 10 minutes, and items that are automatically advanced will be excluded for one hour.
All player editions using JW8 now support all HLS functionality, including AES encryption and 608 captions. DRM support remains an Enterprise-only feature.
To reduce clutter and avoid confusion, the JW Player build number has been removed from the right click menu. It was previously displayed for all non-production versioned players.


Added the ability to localize the “Loading Ad” message for IMA and FreeWheel plugins.
Added the ability to set the number of allowable redirects in IMA above the default for cases like header bidding.
For FreeWheel, added a new configuration option customadunitname that allows for specifying the SLAU query parameter for each ad break.
Updated the requestTimeout configuration option to apply to the IMAad plugin, where it previously only applied to VAST.

^ Upgrade to JW Player 7.12.11.
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2 months 2 weeks ago #8191 by admin
admin replied the topic: JW Player Plugin Advanced
Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 4.1.0 :

^ Upgrade to JW Player 8.1.1

+ JW 8 : Seamless Media Transitions

As JW Player continues to make strides to improve the viewing experience of video on the web,
our goal is to bridge the gap in the quality of experience between the web and cable TV.
Buffering is a reality of video on the web – we re committed to making that a thing of the past.
In 8.0, we improved our preloading so that videos now start instantly when the viewer clicks play.
However, viewers still had to endure video buffering after watching a pre-roll ad.
8.1 introduces even smarter preloading, resulting in a seamless transition from ads (including mid-rolls) to media.
In our preliminary tests, we ve seen huge improvements in time to first frame, even on slower connections.
The wait time for media to start playing after an ad goes from seconds in 8.0 to mere milliseconds in 8.1.
You re in for a treat with the upgrade to 8.1 and we can’t wait for your viewers to notice the difference.

+ JW 8 : Core Player

Improved the user experience when the preload configuration option is set to metadata (default) or auto.
Video content will now preload during ad playback, resulting in a seamless transition from pre-roll and mid-roll ads to the video content on most reliable connections. Players with preload set to none wont load content in the background. The visual quality and buffer events still fire in the same order as they always have, but before the play attempt event, instead of after play.

+ JW 8 : Ads

Updated FreeWheel ad plugin to include URL request parameters noting the stream is live vs VOD.
Improved the IMA ads UI to account for Google ads with built-in skip buttons, countdowns, etc.
Modified and improved adimpression/aderror events to include the full list of wrapped tags.

+ JW 8 : Add renderCaptionsNatively parameter, If true, captions render using the browsers renderer.
If false, the player's renderer will be used in all browsers, except for Safari.
Note: This configuration is not contained within the captions block.

^ Default Player to Cloud-Hosted 8.

- Remove stagevideo, ga.trackerobject, captions.back, cast.appid parameters for JW 6.x as it is a deprecated product.
- Remove CDN support for JWPlayer 6, all players are moved ot JW8 by default, CDN 7 is still suport as legacy.
- JW Player no longer supports in-feed video playback on Facebook, only thumbnail sharing will be displayed on Facebook.
- Remove JW5 player as it was only still used for facebook video sharing.
- Remove playlist5.php script as it was only used with JW5 and previous version.
- Remove some old deprecated comment lines.
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2 months 1 week ago #8198 by admin
admin replied the topic: JW Player Plugin Advanced
Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 4.1.1 :

^ Upgrade to JW Player 8.1.2

^ Fix a bug with multiple file playlis
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3 weeks 5 days ago #8213 by admin
admin replied the topic: JW Player Plugin Advanced
Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 4.2.0 :

+ Add JWPlayer 8 directory, it still need a license key to be load.

^ Upgrade to JW Player 8.2.0

Better Handling of Browser Autoplay Policies

As browser autoplay policies evolve to create a better video experience for viewers, it has become increasingly challenging for publishers, especially those that monetize their content, to ensure consistency. Safari 11 was first to take a strong stance by giving viewers the power to prevent videos from starting automatically.
In JW 8.1, we implemented functionality to pause playback instantly when the browser blocks an autoplaying video. With the impending release of Chrome 66 in April, we invested a lot of time in simplifying the expected behavior so that we can provide viewers the right feedback to know if and when they need to interact with the player to start playing, while also mitigating the impact on our publishers’ ability to monetize their content.
In JW 8.2, the player will react to the combination of the browser’s restrictions and the publisher’s setup configuration by autoplaying with or without sound, or falling back to a click-to-play player.

Core Player

Updated the player to check for browser-level autoplay restrictions.
Updated the player to autoplay with sound if possible, autoplay muted if possible when there are no ads, or autoplay muted ads if autoplayadsmuted: true is set. The player will fall back to click-to-play after exhausting all autoplay options.
Added the ability to start playback from a non-zero position. You can register seek as a function of the ready or playlistItem events, so that the player starts playing from a specific point.
Added support for DASH streams on desktop Safari. NOTE: DASH streams are not supported on iOS Safari, nor with Airplay on desktop devices.
Added user agent detection for UC browser, where previously it was reported as Chrome. UC browser can be detected using the getEnvironment() API.
Implemented licenseResponseFilter for DASH streams and Fairplay. These methods allow customers to modify or access responses from license requests. This is needed for license wrapping implementations.
Added a new API method, getCurrentTime(), which exposes the current time value of content. For on-demand streams, currentTime will be the same as the position. For live or DVR streams, the currentTime will not be modified based on duration or seekable range.
Improved the user experience on mobile devices by allowing the viewer to pause playback of videos that autostart muted without unmuting first.
Expanded media preloading capabilities to preload subsequent media before the current media ends. As is the case with preloading media that will play after an ad break, this behavior will only occur when the preload configuration option is set to metadata (default) or auto. Players with preload set to none won’t load content in the background.

Added the ability to configure when live streams time out. The new liveTimeout configuration option accepts a number. The default, undefined behavior is dependent upon segment length and differs slightly across providers. To configure a stream to never time out, set this value to 0.
Added the ability to modify headers mid-stream with a new licenseRequestFilter configuration option in Fairplay DRM blocks. This option already works with Widevine and Playready.

Added support for TTML captions with DASH streams.
Added a new localization option, localization.copied. The word “Copied” appears as default text whenever a viewer clicks on the link option in the sharing menu. This new option can be used to customize or translate that text.
Improved readability of the live/not live indicator. Instead of an SVG icon, the word “Live” is now plain text, which can be localized with localization.liveBroadcast.
Updated the default text for localization.liveBroadcast from “Live Broadcast” to “Live.”

Added support for the most recent Google Analytics embed type, gtag.js. Older types of embeds are still supported.
The player now marks events sent to Google Analytics nonInteraction: true if they were not manual viewer interactions. This enhancement increases bounce rate accuracy.


Modified and improved adimpression/aderror events to include the full list of wrapped tags.

Google IMA

Passed the results of the autoplay restrictions check to the ad plugin.
Improved the IMA ads UI to account for Google ads with built-in skip buttons, countdowns, etc.
Add maxRedirects configuration, The maximum number of redirects the player should follow before timing out.
Add bids configuration, Enable video player bidding with the given settings and bidders.

Add conditionaladoptout configuration, (VPAID-only) Used to tell the player to not play ads with the conditionalAd attribute inside of the VAST response.
Add podmessage configuration, Text that displays during playback of an ad pod. Use __AD_POD_CURRENT__ to denote the currently playing item in the pod and __AD_POD_LENGTH__ for the total number of ads in the pod.


Add FreeWheel ad plugin.
Updated FreeWheel ad plugin to include URL request parameters noting the stream is live vs VOD.
Added the adLoading parameter to the adError event.
Improved the user experience by making the player click-to-play when the browser suppresses autostart.

IMA, Freewheel
Add loadVideoTimeout configuration, In milliseconds, the maximum amount of time between the VAST XML being returned and the adstart event before timing out.


Add rules configuration, Enable ad rules with the given settings and bidders.


Added a new recommendations interface called Recommendations Shelf, which allows viewers to browse JW Recommended videos throughout the playback experience. This feature, available to all customers with a Recommendations entitlement, will provide more paths for engaging with content that is most relevant to your audiences, ultimately deepening engagement and powering additional monetization opportunities. To enable the shelf, include "displayMode": "shelf" within the related block in your setup configuration. The current overlay interface remains default behavior when displayMode is undefined or set to overlay.
Added a new localization option, localization.close to customize the text of the close button added in the recommendations shelf. The default text is “close.”
Updated the default localization.related text to “More videos.” This localization option affects the Recommendations Shelf button above the control bar in shelf mode, as well as the tooltip and the overlay title in overlay mode.
Updated the default discover icon in the control bar to improve discoverability.
Improved accessibility for the recommendations shelf so that viewers can interact with it using a keyboard or screen reader. Viewers can use the left and right keys to paginate through the shelf and the escape key to close the shelf when not in fullscreen mode.

^ Upgrade to JW Player 7.12.13

Core Player

Added support for the most recent Google Analytics embed type, gtag.js. Older types of embeds are still supported.
The player now marks events sent to Google Analytics nonInteraction: true if they were not manual viewer interactions. This enhancement increases bounce rate accuracy.

^ set default Google Analytics script to analytics.js.

^ Most of parameters in the database and XML manifest are renamed without loosing user backend settings,
this to help the php optimization code, for Joomla version older than 1.7 these parameters have to be reset by editing the backend parameters.
^ Plugins script now used setjwparams function.
^ Optimize php code for cleaning frontend characters.
^ Optimize php code for cleaning cdn url.

# Fix an issue in setjwparams function between numerical and boolean comparaison.
# Fix an issue with meta image link when sharing.
# Fix an issue with cdn key head data.

- Remove some old manipulation data associate to JWPlayer 6 (fallback, primary), these parameters are still available to set.
- Remove some old variables associate to JWPlayer 5 (logo, http.startparam, playlist.size, playlist.position, rtmp), these parameters are still available to set in frontend.
- Remove some old deprecated comment lines.
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